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 γνῶθι σεαυτόν
   Know Thyself

Create Your Self

Your Society
Your World

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"Everything you need to know is within you."

The task of the Virtue School is to "bring it out" of each student

with a focus on Nature within and without.

in the garden

The philosophical sense of Virtue behind: The Virtue School

The School
Method and Goals

The Virtue School will combine the methods of Tekos and Freinet, integrating the ideas of Permaculture to:
  • aide the students in discovering their-'Self's;
  • within an interdependent relationship with their fellow students and Nature - in Community;
  • while each does their part to create a self-sustainable World.

Over Tekos, Freinet and Permaculture

"This is the basic foundation on which all methodological features of our work are designed. The whole purpose of our strategy is aiming at the following questions - Who are we human beings? What are we meant to be? What is the world around us? Who are we to the World? And what is the World to us? " M.P. Shchetinin, director of the Tekos School in Russia

Jack Russey

Painting by Manga Radu in El Keller of the Tabacalera in Madrid, Spain.