Modified Plans for The Virtue School

Plans for Project – CONSTRUCTION
Basic idea:
  • a semi-private house for the director (about 150m²),
  • a barn-workshop-garage (also 150m²) and
  • a school (1 Hectare).
1 hectare will be allotted for the school in an unplanned state – because, if you read the plans for the school, the students will design this, and gradually build it themselves – all the while coordinating this with a professional architect-engineer.
The land has some old pines (that can be used for the skeleton), and lots of stone that the people have traditionally used to build with (for the foundation, etc.). *IDEALLY industrial hemp will be grown and used to make hempcrete, floors, insulation, etc. Thus, all the building materials will come from the property…

* If possible, The Virtue School will promote the production and use of Industrial Hemp.

!!!There will be a strict ABSOLUTE prohibition on alcohol and drug use (including Marijuana) on everyone who enters the property!!!
For the house will be something like these — for the internal woodwork, industrial hemp will (ideally) be used in place of most of the wood):
The basic frame can use pines.
All the glass is unnecessary… final design will be modified …
This one has a walk-on roof – could plant a garden on the roof; also the use of the edges as patio-porch are quite nice…
Something for inspiration…
Basic, simple, local-traditional design.
To build the barn-workshop/garage will probably use stones for the foundation, pines for the skeleton and (ideally) hempcrete for the walls and industrial hemp for the insulation and floors.
See the following links:
Materiales del Terreno: piedra, tierra (sacos:bolsas?), pasto, …
The multiple uses of Cáñamo:
Ideas y oportunidades para que los jóvenes emprendan en Extremadura
The Virtue School will invest in all of these:
1. Granja de Lombrices- Producción de humus de lombriz
2. Helicicultura
3. Cáñamo industrial
4. Agricultura ecológica
5. Distribución de productos ecológicos
6. Turismo de Salud
7. Turismo Geológico
8. Eco Turismo
9. Agroturismo
10. Turismo activo para personas con discapacidad física
11. Dinamización de experiencias turísticas
12. Agencia especializada en turismo ornitológico
13. Tienda online espacio de degustación
14. Coworking- espacio de trabajo compartido
15. Cafetería + eco tienda
16. Terapias a domicilio
17. Internet y cobertura
18. Instalación de calderas de biomasa
19. Consultora de marketing y comunicación
20. Educación ambiental

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