An argument for the social reconstruction of campesinos (rural communities)

In an article in Agriculturers: red de especialistsas en agricultura ( Jairo Restrepo (a doctor in agricultural engineering at the Universidad de Pelotas, Brazil who fled the political and intellectual persecution in his country) argues that the IQ of European children has decreased by 17% in the last 25 years due to eating toxic food produced by industrial agriculture. Along the same lines, he says that “eating is knowing or being aware of what prolongs your life and what hurts you. Today food robs you of energy; it is not healthy, it’s programmed to weaken vital activity at three levels: it eliminates the immune system, is neurotoxic and affects social behavior.
“Not only does it produce toxicity from industrial conservation processes that are poison, but it depresses and depletes emotion. It does not fit in my head that there should be no comparative analysis of the blood that existed before artificial fertilization and chemical treatment of the earth and the blood we have today. The blood evolves with nutrition and it is impossible that the industry does not know this data. Organic agriculture generates energy and industrial agriculture burns energy, it is that simple.”
Further, “The quality of the food produced by industrial agriculture cannot satisfy the needs of the common man. The common man has been raped. A food is healthy when it does not have malice, when it is produced naturally, without manipulating the needs of the other.”
Is there still time to recover from this poisoning of the earth?
“As long as there is a possibility of recovering the biological activity of the soil, a different world is possible. A microbiological lifeless earth is land without a mind. With the natural fertilizers that our ancestors used for time immemorial, the memory of the land will function again, this is life.”
How do we break the chain?
“By seeking the social reconstruction of campesinos (rural communities), rediscovering the lost culture and with this, happiness on the land. The more detached you are from the land, the less culture people have. Agriculture is the art of cultivation: Culture was born in the countryside, not in the cities.”

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