A New Paradigm for Education: What Quantum Physics Tells Us About How We Should Educate Our Kids

“It may sound too theoretical, but it is a fact that how we educate our kids depends on the prevalent worldview of the educational establishment. And right now, that worldview is scientific materialism — the idea that everything is reducible to matter and its interactions. Corollary to this view is the Newtonian idea that we are mechanical machines. Accordingly, for the past 35-40 years, yes that’s how long this worldview has dominated academia; we have developed an educational system that treats human beings as machines.”


Amit Goswami was also good in “What the Bleep Do We Know.”


This is kind of a sequel for him, I guess…

Quantum Activist


The First Educational Stage

“You like to say people should get an education so as to be able to work efficiently. We turn the problem on its head, and I’ve told you why: PEOPLE SHOULD WORK EFFICIENTLY IN ORDER TO GET AN EDUCATION, GAIN SKILLS, IMPROVE THEMSELVES, RISE UP AND GROW.”

(according to Célestin Freinet, Education Through Work: A Model for Child-Centered Learning, trans. by J. Sivell, Lewiston: Edwin Mellen Pr., 1993)

“In order to learn, develop, improve, rise up and grow, children need to work efficiently by using appropriate tools and techniques.”



My addition to this is that all Virtue School students will take survival courses to, not only, learn the essence of human technology (i.e., to learn the skills necessary to survive), this will also serve to get the kids in touch with Nature and to understand their interdependence with Her by working with what Nature provides to design their own basic survival structures.

Also, students will take a Permaculture Design Course (when they reach the age of seven). Thereafter, they will be responsible for designing their terrain, housing, living area and community, in a respectful and sustainable way, while living interdependently with each other, striving to reach self-sufficiency.

Another thing that will be integrated with this is the learning of the native plants/fungi and landscape; they will learn the healing properties of various native plants and will be able to apply them when necessary – for very basic complaints/ symptoms, injuries and illnesses (such as head aches, colds, sore throats, diarrhea, etc). They will also learn how to propagate such plants/fungi when applicable…


A brief example – from when I worked at a school in Mol, Belgium a few years ago…

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